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The step by step procedure of selling your property

This can be a very daunting process, but when you know what to do you will have a smooth transaction of selling or buying your home. At Zeta Homes we have steps we can guide you through which will help you sell your home without hassle.

1. Deciding how much you want to sell your property
We can advice how much your property is worth by doing a valuation but you can also have an idea how much you want to sell. It’s just a matter of doing your research and knowing the local market inside out. Buyers normally negotiate so we might add another 3% - 5% to market value. We always have to keep in mind the stamp duty threshold.

2.Getting your home ready
Make sure your property is in good condition most especially during viewing and before we come and take initial marketing pictures. Get rid of odour, mould and damp.

3.Arrange a Solicitor or Conveyancer
We have in house Solicitors or Conveyancer that we can introduce to you or you can choose any from the high street or law society website. They will be responsible for the legal work of your selling or buying. They will give you forms to fill in to give details of the property you are selling. Work also includes searches to check there are no risks.

4.Accepting an Offer
You can either accept or reject an offer depending on the price you are expecting. We will be there for you to help negotiate the best offer possible. Once accepted we will take the property off the market. We then send memorandum of sale to both solicitors including buyer and seller.

5.Mortgage offer and Survey
If the buyer needs a mortgage to buy they will approach the bank and the bank will conduct a survey to make sure the property is worth the price and there are no risk.

6.Negotiate the contract
This could include time between exchange and completion, what will be left in the property and will you need the buyer to pay for them. It’s detailed and signed by both parties.

7.Exchange of Contracts
Once contract are exchange both parties become legally committed which means; neither the buyer nor the seller can pull out of the transaction. If you pull out you can be sued.

8.Vacant possession
You or any tenants living in the property need to move out prior to completion only unless there has been a special arrangement that new owner will keep tenants if they are the ones occupying the property. Property must be in the condition agreed after moving out.

9.Completion of Sale
This is when the property changes ownership, you accept payment through Solicitor and hand over keys to the Estate agent. The Solicitor completes the legal work and registers the property at Land registry in your name.

10.Payment of Mortgage, Solicitor and Estate Agent Fee
After completion Solicitor will inform you how much has been sent to the bank to clear the mortgage, Solicitors deduction and agent’s fee will be settled accordingly.

At Zeta Homes we have well trained professional staff that will help you through the process of selling or buying. We will help chase the progress of the transaction from both ends.

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